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Brain teasers compilation

I have compiled a massive list of brain teasers with a closed solution (not open-ended like the number of Turkeys served at Thanksgiving). • 3 min read


Linux 101

This post gathers personal notes from freeCodeCamp's Introduction to Linux. I only wrote down Debian-related commands since it's the distribution I most often use. • 9 min read


Understanding QuickSort

Created by Sir Tony Hoare in 1959, QuickSort elegantly orchestrates partitioning and recursion to reorder elements within a list. It is hailed as one of the most efficient sorting algorithms. • 6 min read


Breadth-first search algorithm

BFS is a powerful graph traversal technique. In this article, we present the BFS algorithm and show how to implement it in Python using iteration. • 2 min read


Modeling graphs using Python

A graph can be modeled as a list of edges, but such representation makes it slow to parse. In this post, we introduce two data structures commonly used to represent graphs: adjacency matrices and adjacency lists. • 3 min read


Graph theory 101

Graphs are mathematical structures used to model relationships between objects. They also play a vital role in the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures. In this post, we refresh some basic concepts from the graph theory. • 6 min read


The Python ecosystem

Introduction Python has been a faithful companion throughout my programming journey. But let's be honest, there have been times when Python's terminology has left me scratching my head. Many projects share very similar names such as PyPI, PyPy and mypy and it can be confusing especially for newcomers. In this • 4 min read


Key insights on the blockchain

Bitcoin is a world-scale live experiment. It was ingeniously crafted and it happens to be working, but it was never formally proven to be fault-free. In this post, we introduce three remarkable properties of the Bitcoin blockchain. • 4 min read