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Understanding QuickSort

Created by Sir Tony Hoare in 1959, QuickSort elegantly orchestrates partitioning and recursion to reorder elements within a list. It is hailed as one of the most efficient sorting algorithms. • 6 min read


Breadth-first search algorithm

BFS is a powerful graph traversal technique. In this article, we present the BFS algorithm and show how to implement it in Python using iteration. • 2 min read


Modeling graphs using Python

A graph can be modeled as a list of edges, but such representation makes it slow to parse. In this post, we introduce two data structures commonly used to represent graphs: adjacency matrices and adjacency lists. • 3 min read


Graph theory 101

Graphs are mathematical structures used to model relationships between objects. They also play a vital role in the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures. In this post, we refresh some basic concepts from the graph theory. • 6 min read